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With the creation of the Rando Roc Noire electric a few years ago, the Roc D’Azur got it just right. This year, in addition to the Rando Roc Electrique Noire, we are offering riders the possibility to enter the Enduro race with an electric mountain bike. There will be a specific ranking.  What are you waiting for? Try out a new experience and discover the pleasures of electric mountain biking!


  • Discipline: enduro
  • Distance: 38 km of which 11 km will be timed – Elevation gains and losses: 1,500m
    • Roquebrune liaison > SP1: 6 km
    • SP1 : 2.1 km
    • SP1 > SP2 liaison: 2.7 km
    • SP2: 2 km
    • SP2 > SP3 liaison: 7.4 km
    • SP3: 2.6 km
    • SP3 > SP4 liaison: 7 km
    • SP4: 1.8 km
    • SP4 > SP5 liaison: 3.9 km
    • SP5: 1.8 km
  • Category: from Cadets upwards (born in 2002 or earlier)
  • Start and finish on Place Perrin, Roquebrune-sur-Argens

The village of Roquebrune sur Argens will host the start and finish and will once again witness a fierce battle to win precious seconds.

5 specials on the programme for this thrilling race for expert riders. The dry crumbly terrain makes the EnduRoc unusual among enduro races.

The circuit covers a total of 38 km with 300 competitors who will be giving it their all on the 11 km of timed sections.

1,500 m of elevation gains and losses

Guaranteed to be a great show for spectators.

Specific ranking for electric mountain bikes. Please check the rules to see which e-bikes are authorised.

  • Discipline: rando race
  • Distance: 50 km – Elevation gains: 970m
  • Category: from Cadets upwards (born in 2002 or earlier)
  • Start and finish at the Base Nature in Fréjus

It's a ride designed for those who aren't necessarily looking for a race but have what it takes to enjoy a fairly demanding route.

All the components of the other events are there; tricky, rough and tough sections as well as some smooth fast ones.

La Fournel, La Flûte, Les Clapiers, La Bastide Neuve, Le Car Brûlé, Le Bougnon, La Gaillarde, La Dalle en Béton and the Galiote beach are all highlights on the route guaranteed to leave riders with great memories of a fantastic rando ride overlooking the Mediterranean.