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Roc d’Azur offers several styles of route for different styles of cycling. As a result, there are events for competitors, but also for those who want to take their time. We propose rides that range from 20 km to 50 km, genuine rides for mountain biking enthusiasts with the same refreshment points as the experienced riders. Everybody can take part in these rides at their own pace, with family or friends.

Yes, it is perfectly feasible to enrol for several events. Indeed, this is the choice more and more riders are making.

The ideal equipment for someone with experience but who does not necessarily take part in competitions is to use a “full suspension” bike. It really is the ideal bicycle in terms of comfort because it boasts front and rear suspension to absorb shocks. Nevertheless, it is also possible to do the Roc with a semi-rigid frame because the routes are not tough. Our routes are not particularly rocky, but are sandier. There are a lot of earthen tracks as well.

In the evening on the same day as the race on the web site.

Unfortunately for your training, the Roc trails are only marked out during the event, because many of them cross through private land which is obviously closed to the public during the rest of the year.

If it is not possible for you to bring your bicycle to the Roc trails, that is not a problem. Thanks to the partnership with, you can hire the bicycle of your choice in and around Fréjus.

Yes, bicycle storage facilities will be in place, both during the day and at night, for a price of 2 euros per day and 5 euros per night. If you also want to leave baggage, there is a surcharge of 1 euro.

For any other questions, please contact our Competitor Department on +33 (0)141 331568 or by e-mail at