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2018 edition:  10/11 to 10/14/2018

Registrations will open on february 6th, 2018 on A.S.O Challenges

sporting criteria 

On certain races, the first wave will be reserved for elite riders and those wearing priority race numbers. FFC and UCI criteria are respected when establishing the starting waves. Please contact us by email ( if you think you may be eligible for inclusion in the elite/priority wave.

2017 prices

thursday to sunday

Roc Trophy SOLD OUT


Master Roc €45
Roc Light €30
Rando Roc All Mountain €35
Tri Roc €65
Tri Roc Relais (teams) €95
Rando Roc Altitude €40


Canyon Roc Marathon


(500 race numbers)


(1,800 race numbers)

Mid Roc €45
Rando Roc Odyssey €35
Kid Roc Ruelles de Fréjus (solo) €20
Roc Ruelles de Fréjus (teams) €50


Gravel Roc Race €45
EnduRoc €45
EnduRoc Electrique  €45
Gravel Roc Ride €40
Roc Tandems (teams) €60
Roc d'Azur Juniors MEN

€40 Rando Roc Noire


(500 race numbers)


(2,300 race numbers)

Rando Roc Electrique Noire €40
Roc Draisienne SOLD OUT
Rando Roc Déguisée €30
Kid Roc Poussins €5
Kid Roc Pupilles €5
Kid Roc Benjamins €5
Kid Roc Minimes €5
Rando Roc Famille Parents et accompagnants €10
Roc Ruelles de Roquebrune (teams) €50


Roc d'Azur Cadets - Cadettes & Juniors Dames €35
Roc d'Azur Dames & Espoirs Dames €45
Roc d'Azur  €60

A great souvenir from the Roc d'Azur 2017 to wear with pride!

  • T-Shirt 100% cotton, with the poster of the Roc d'Azur 2017 printed on the front.
  • Tarif : € 20

    To pick up at the village only, no post sending will be possible.

A nice 750ml vintage water bottle!

  • A nice and practical water bottle/bidon of the Roc d'Azur: with a 750ml capacity, it is perfect to ride during training or competition.
  • Its standard dimensions will make it fit any water bottle hanger.
  • Ses dimensions standard lui permettent de rentrer dans tous les porte-bidons.
  • Tarif : €7

    This product must be imperatively picked up on the bib numbers collection village, it will not be posted.

Purchase the photo pack now, save 5€ and get your personal pictures first!

The photo pack contains:
• all your personal pictures (10 minimum, 15+ in average, no limit)
• wonderful general event impression pictures
• a Google Earth file showing all personal pictures at their spots
• high -& Facebook- resolution images, very fast download delivery
• all pictures showing you we could not assign (without visible race-number) are available on the website

Conditions of the offer:
• the photo pack belongs to one race and one rider
• for those riding one race: you will receive your downloadlinks with highest priority
• for those riding several races: check your different photo packs on, choose the one you want and email your name + bib number linked to the pack you want, to

Pictures of the first races will be online on Monday, pictures of all races will be online by Wednesday, just after the Roc d'Azur.

  • Tarif : €24,99

Click here if you want to read the race rules.

The French law number 99-223, concerning health protection and anti-doping measures for athletes, was voted by the National Assembly on March 23, 1999. Its provisions oblige the ensemble of French and foreign participants to furnish proof of their aptitude for cycling in competition. This aptitude must be justified by a medical certificate, delivered by a doctor, after a medical examination.

  • You have a license with a federation that is affiliated with the UCI
    You must furnish a medical certificate stating no contra-indications to cycling in competition dated less than one year before race day when picking up your number.
  • You are an FSCF, FSGT, or UFOLEP License holder
    For holders of licenses which have the mention “Cycling” or “Cyclosport” (medical authorization clearly mentioned on the license card on a sticker), you must furnish a copy of your valid license (season 2016) when picking up your race number.
  • You do not have a cycling license
    You must furnish a medical certificate stating no contra-indications to cycling in competition dated less than one year before race day when picking up your race number.
  • You are participating in the Tri Roc
    Tri Roc participants must present a 2016 FFTri license. If you can not present this document or its photocopy, a medical certificate carrying the mention of no contra-indications to triathlons in competition, dated less than one year before the date of the challenge, will be necessary (model version to be downloaded below).
    Non-licensed participants must also sign up for a 20€ FFTri day pass (mandatory/price set by the Côte d’azur Triathlon League).
  • You are a minor

You must furnish a medical certificate with the mention of no contra-indications to cycling in competition dated less than one year before the race day, as well parental authorization (model below) when picking up your race number.

To avoid any potential error in vocabulary which will oblige us to refuse your document, we offer you models which may be downloaded below (cycling and triathlon)


  • No race numbers will be delivered without presentation of a license or a medical certificate.
  • No medical certificate will be given on site and no wavers will be accepted.
  • The medical certificate is also mandatory for the hikes.
  • Photocopies of the medical certificate will be accepted.
  • The mention “cycling in competition” is the only phrase which will be valid, the term “competition” is indispensable.
  • The FFCT licenses (tourism cycling) are not accepted.

Insured : any person who has taken out cancellation insurance with their registration for the Roc d’Azur 2017 (by ticking the corresponding box on the application form)


Purpose of insurance : to reimburse registration fees paid for the Roc d’Azur 2017 when the insured is forced to withdraw due to :

  • death, accident or illness of the insured;
  • death, accident or serious illness (requiring hospitalization) of the insured's spouse, parent or child in the thirty days before the event;
  • refusal of a visa by the French authorities;
  • theft of identity papers in the 48 hours prior to the start of the race;
  • court summons.


Premium : €10 on top of the registration fee (a single payment to be made for both registration and insurance).

Compensation conditionsall requests for compensation must be made via an online declaration directly with the events insurance underwriter, no later than 15 days after the event.

This declaration must be accompanied by an official document justifying cancellation of participation and, notably, in the event of an accident or illness, a medical certificate drafted in French, English or Spanish and issued no later than two days following the event. This certificate must explicitly mention the inability to participate in the event.


Your request will be studied within two months of the event and, if justified and covered by the insurance policy, compensation will be paid to you by bank transfer within the following month.


Main exclusions include:

  • illness or accident suffered prior to taking out the insurance;
  • psychological or psychiatric disorders, nervous or mental illness, and their consequences;
  • pregnancy prior to taking out the insurance;
  • deliberate action by the insured.


We recommend that you read the full terms and conditions of the policy contained in the insurer's information notice.


This Individual Accident insurance is provided by the organiser's insurer to make sure that you are properly covered whilst taking part in the Roc d’Azur 2017. The insurance is optional but highly recommended.


As you may know, the vast majority of your usual insurance policies (particularly your car insurance, insurance provided automatically through your bank cards, household insurance, bank loan insurance, etc.) totally exclude any participation in sports events either on an amateur or professional basis, and therefore exclude the risks involved in your taking part in the Roc d’Azur.

It is therefore important that you check the extent of the cover provided by your normal insurance policies (and the exclusions) and, if you are not sufficiently covered or not covered at all, you should consider taking out the proposed insurance policies by clicking on the link below.


This insurance will cover you if you have an accident whilst taking part in the event, whether or not you were responsible and whether or not there is an identified responsible third party. You are only covered during the event from the time you cross the starting line until the time you cross the finishing line or you abandon the event.


In the event of an accident during your participation in the event, it covers:

  • medical costs (within the limits that you have chosen),
  • in the event of death or total or partial permanent disability (due to this accident): the payment of compensation (within the limits that you have chosen)


This cover Individual Accident is optional but highly recommended. It can be taken out in addition to any existing insurance you may already have or if you are not already covered. You may purchase the cover from the insurer of your choice, from your federation or from Aon, organizer’s broker, whose proposal (detailed notice and application form) can be consulted and downloaded by clicking on the link below. You can subscribe to the option providing the minimum cover for this offer during your registration for the event and other options by downloading the relevant form here and sending it directly to Aon (