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The Committed Roc

As well as being your passion, mountain biking means being aware of the beauty of the environment in which you are cycling and always respecting it.
Mountain biking also stands for health, sustainable transport of the future and so much more! If you want to enjoy the Roc and cycle tracks in the great outdoors, come and join us!

Committed together, for the future of cycling!

By reducing, sorting and recycling our waste

The Roc d’Azur is working with several companies specialised in waste management (reduction, sorting and recycling of waste) to establish its Social and Environmental Responsibility programme throughout the event.

You too can be involved by:by respecting the stunning landscapes where you are cycling,by recycling all your waste at the feeding stations.We’ll take care of the rest!

In addition to recycling, water is provided in 1.5l bottles or from the towns you go through. So use it to fill up your water bottles!
We systematically remove the packaging from sweet and savoury snacks available at the feeding stations and recycle it ourselves with the aim of reducing the amount of waste generated by the Roc.

Once again, the Mountain Bike Foundation’s Brigades vertes, recognisable within the peloton by their green jerseys, will be cycling alongside you during the Roc d’Azur, to raise awareness.
They look after the tracks we are riding on!
So we can already thank them!

Let’s preserve our favourite sites together.

Discover more information about their activities and commitments here.

Two objectives: having the best time, zero waste

The Roc d’Azur’s organisation, with the support of the MBF’s Brigades vertes & the signallers, reserve the right to disqualify any participant who disposes of their waste outside the collection areas or the feeding stations.

By promoting the regions crossed

In order to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible, the Roc d’Azur is careful to fully respect the Natura 2000 protected sites when its routes are being marked out.

Together let’s be attentive and committed so we can continue to ride there!

We’re counting on you!

The only thing you’ll leave behind on the Roc d’Azur routes will be your bike’s tyre tracks.

By innovating and encouraging future generations

Encouraging future generations to take up cycling: this is the Roc d’Azur’s spearhead. For years, we have focused on the youngest riders! From the Kid Roc Draisienne to the Générations Roc and the Kids Roc, supporting the riders of the future is one of the things for which the Roc d’Azur is known.

Come along to the Roc village to discover a range of fun activities.

Cycling allows young people to:

  • Improve their balance;
  • Create a link with the sport, so that later on they’ll use it as a means of transport essential for their health & our planet;
  • Share a moment with their friends and their parents!

By riding for a worthy cause which encourages cycling

Riding for a worthy cause.

This allows you to surpass and motivate yourself when things are difficult. And in addition to making us stronger, it makes our challenge even more meaningful.
This is also an opportunity to collect donations for research into illnesses that may affect us all.

  • By inviting the Rotary Club and the Lion’s Club every year, the Roc d’Azur enables 150 young people with disabilities to discover mountain biking in the Générations Roc Sport pour Tous and to have some fun together.
  • The Roc also offers 10 race entries for injured veterans from the 21st Marine Infantry Regiment with a stand available for their fundraising.

Which worthy cause are you going to choose?